Visit JP Brand School

As I promised during our visit, this ist the article about our visit at JP Brand School last week.
As the project is sponsored by Chamäleon and Pack Safari, we were curious about visiting the school in the desert.
After a warm welcome and some information about the school, we went to a classroom, where 42 girls and boys were waiting and probably as curious as we were. Have a look in the classroom.

The guys performed two welcome songs and had some questions before we also introduced ourselves. I mentioned that I am writing a blog and asked to put some pictures in it. Everyone likes the idea and wants us to take pictures :-). It wasn’t easy to quiet down the classroom to get some silence for our performance of „Meister Jacob“ in canon, but as we started, the guys helped us.
Thank you very much for your hospitality and engagement.
I will ask the others to send me their pictures and will add them asap.



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